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Selling a Business . . .

Selling your business requires proper planning and preparation.  "Creating a good first impression", choosing a sales agent, determining the price and marketing your business will all take careful consideration.

Choosing a sales agent:

Anthony & Associates are licensed professional business brokers with over 20 years experience selling businesses of all types and sizes in California.  See "Sold" businesses for selected sales.

We provide a complete service which includes professional packaging & presentation of the business to maximize the sale price. 

"Guaranteed marketing" to achieve maximum coverage, while maintaining strict confidentiality during the process.  Careful screening of potential buyers includes the submission of non-disclosure agreements, resumes, financial stmts. & credit reports. 

Hands on assistance with financing, book checks, license transfers, lease, note & contract negotiations or assignments, inventories, escrows & closings, as well as other services provided which are necessary for a successful sale.

Determining the price:

In order to achieve the best market price for your business, you will need to be able to support your asking price with facts that a prospective buyer will understand.

A lot of factors go into arriving at a fair market asking price for you business, such as the fair market value of the tangible assets and the good will of the business as represented by the accounts, length of time in business, cash flow, etc.  "Rule of Thumb" or industry multiples are just a starting point in the proper valuation of a business.

Anthony & Associates are certified Business Appraisers and will value your business free of charge as part of the listing process.  We will then use this valuation to support the asking price for your business with potential buyers.

Marketing your business:

Our "Guaranteed Marketing plan" is designed to generate interest and activity in the marketing of you business.  The more exposure we can get for your business with potential buyers, the better the chance we have of getting a sale at the right price.

If you would like to have Anthony & Associates market your business, please fill out the form at:

           " Sell My Business "

We will contact you for a no cost confidential appointment at your convenience. Thank you.


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